Chris Schadler is a wild canid researcher and an eastern coyote eastern wolf lecturer.  Based in the Concord, NH area, she travels New Englad to speak on the subject of eastern wolves and eastern coyotes .  Interested in hiring Chris to give a lecture in your community?    Visit her CONTACT  page and get in touch!


Here's what people have written about her coyote talks:

"Her passion for her subject is contagious."                                                 -Deb Kissell (Friends of the Samuel H. Wentworth Library,               Center Sandwich, NH)


"I was able to watch Chris Shadler’s presentation at the Chappaqua Library on April 20.   I wish all of Westchester County had been there.  Her passion for saving wildlife is contagious, and she very eloquently advises us to look in the mirror to truly see who it is who is decimating wild life and habitats. . ."  -Ellen Joseph



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