Educational Resources on Coyotes and Wolves:

wolf track


Coyote Ecology: The Rites (and Wrongs) of Spring & Early Summer

Killing predators to protect livestock doesn’t seem to work  Read the newest news on the coyote in Coyote Chronicles, put out by Project Coyote

Here is an article on why the eastern coyote should be a separate species, click here.

Here's a link to the Gray Wolf Educator Guide
for "Exploring a Keystone Species with Students in Grades K-12", or download it as pdf file here.

Here's a link to the Gray Wolf Family Activity Guide for "Fostering Curiosity About the Natural World with Children Ages 4-10", or download it as pdf file here.

Here is a link to an interesting article called, Bobcats, coyotes and other wildlife species are on the rise by Matt Kanner.

        Here is a video of a coyote in NH, from Phil Auger's trail camera.  See below:

Questions for discussion:



How do wolves and coyotes communicate?

What's the difference between a wolf and a coyote?

How can you tell if it's a wolf track or a coyote track?



Here's an article on nose smelling system of coyotes:  click here to read.

Here's another article "Prey-foraging: The collective search or lone-wolf approach", click here to read.



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